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Jesus is Enough

Recently I was talking with a friend in one of my favorite coffee shops about relationships. We kept coming back to this phrase our college pastor talked about one night.

Jesus is enough.

Honestly, this can be applied to anything.

I've never liked it when people tell me things like "God has the perfect person for you" or "you're gonna have a great career one day." I know people mean well, but I also know that God doesn't promise me any of these things. Just because I am not in a relationship and don't have a fancy job, does not mean I am someone to be pitied or that there is some level of wholeness I have yet to attain. I am already complete.

Saying stuff like this implies that we need our dream job, a spouse, the "American dream" etc. to have a good life.

There's nothing wrong with hustling, pursuing your dreams, desiring marriage and whatnot, but our worth is not found in whether or not someone likes us or how accomplished we are.

I tend to subconsciously emphasize God's holiness, justness, and wrath while glossing over His love. But these characteristics of our creator are not mutually exclusive. Because God created you in His image, you are so valued and loved. More than you could ever imagine or deserve.

Our flesh tells us that God's love for us isn't good enough. That we need more. We think we can find fulfillment in other humans, careers, and social status.

But God is enough.

God isn't just enough. He is everything. He is the only thing that can truly fulfill.

Hear this. God loves YOU. If you're like me and have a hard time accepting love, I hope you humble yourself enough to recognize how incredible this fact is and take hold of it. Because you and I need it.

You might've heard all this before and it most likely sounds cliche. My prayer is that you truly grasp the perfect and most beautiful contentment that can only be found in realizing your worth in Christ.

If you have been hurt by the church and have not experienced biblical love from christians, I am truly sorry and hope that you know we are not perfect. Don't let a bad experience with imperfect christians keep you from discovering Gods perfect love for you.

A simple life can be just as glorifying to God as being a prominent figure, singleness doesn't have to be sad, and job titles speak nothing of our value.

Seek to know God more and ask Him to help you find contentment in Him alone. He will come through.

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